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How To Format a Disk Using Fdisk

Hello, We can format a disk attached on our computer using fdisk tool that available on all Linux distribution. List Partitions The sudo fdisk -l commands lists the partitions on your system. Entering Command Mode sudo fdisk /dev/sda In command mode, we use single-letter commands to specify actions you want to take. Type m and… Read More »

How To Install Zimbra on Ubuntu 14.04

Hello, To install Zimbra, it’s recomended to use a server with minimum 2GB of RAM. Please install the following prerequisites: apt-get install libgmp10 libperl5.18 unzip pax sysstat sqlite3 libaio1 Download the latest Zimbra (currently 8.6.0). This can be obtained on the following URL Zimbra Collaboration Open Source wget Unzip and install the file tar… Read More »