How To Install Seafile on Ubuntu 14.04

Hello, Seafile is a one of wellknown private cloud software. We can use the Community version free or Profesional version free or 3 users only. Please make sure you re-install the bsdutils on Ubuntu due some error on Minimal version of Ubuntu. apt-get –reinstall install bsdutils Then we can install the pre-requirement package needed for… Read More »

How To Create Raid Array On Ubuntu

Hello, RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) is commonly use on server to gain performance and redundancy. We can also create our own RAID disk on our computer using some flash disk or external hard disk. First install the mdm application sudo apt-get install mdadm To create the RAID array, please use this following command… Read More »

How To Format a Disk Using Fdisk

Hello, We can format a disk attached on our computer using fdisk tool that available on all Linux distribution. List Partitions The sudo fdisk -l commands lists the partitions on your system. Entering Command Mode sudo fdisk /dev/sda In command mode, we use single-letter commands to specify actions you want to take. Type m and… Read More »

How To Install Zimbra on Ubuntu 14.04

Hello, To install Zimbra, it’s recomended to use a server with minimum 2GB of RAM. Please install the following prerequisites: apt-get install libgmp10 libperl5.18 unzip pax sysstat sqlite3 libaio1 Download the latest Zimbra (currently 8.6.0). This can be obtained on the following URL Zimbra Collaboration Open Source wget Unzip and install the file tar… Read More »

How To Change Default Port on Odoo

Hello, The default port of Odoo installation is 8069. If you need to change the default port, please use this step.. vim /etc/odoo/openerp-server.conf Add this code on the file, please change the port to what you want to xmlrpc_port = 9069 If you want to access on port 80 or 443 (SSL) to avoid the… Read More »

How To Install Odoo V8 On Ubuntu 14.04

Hello, Odoo is pretty wellknown Open Source ERP system. We can easily install Odoo on any VPS as low as 384MB of RAM. Before install Odoo, first please install PostgreSQL : apt-get install postgresql and create the user for Odoo on the database sudo su – postgres -c “createuser -s $USER” Next, we can install… Read More »

How To Enable Quota On Ubuntu 12.04

Hello, To enable Quota on Ubuntu 12.04 it need to install the new image-extra-virtual To install please run this following command apt-get install linux-image-extra-virtual. Then please reboot your server and make sure to use the new image on the grub option. You can check the image used by the system by run this command uname… Read More »

How To Use IPv6 Only Server To Host A Website

Hello, Do you have a server or VPS that only has IPv6 only? Confuse how to use this server to host your website? Don’t worry, please use this tutorial to make your domain works with server that has IPv6 only. 1. Please register to CloudFlare as the DNS server for your domain-name 2. Add your… Read More »

How To Modify XBMC Cache Setting on Raspberry PI

Hello, XBMC buffering issues really annoying while we are wathcing a video. Raspberry Pi, with only 512 MB of RAM (Model B) and modest CPU power is slow on buffering. This postwill show some ways to fix this issue. You need to create a advancedsettings.xml on this following folder OpenELEC: /storage/.xbmc/userdata/ Raspbmc: /home/pi/.xbmc/userdata/ XBian: /home/xbian/.xbmc/userdata/… Read More »